About us

Welcome to the website of the 10th Montessori School De Meidoorn in Amsterdam.

The school falls under the public education foundation ‘Amsterdam-West Binnen de Ring’.

Since 1949, our school has been at the centre of the lively and cosmopolitan De Baarsjes neighborhood in Amsterdam. There are currently 13 classes; each with 2 school-years in one class. We work with the principles of Maria Montessori but also incorporate current social and educational methodologies. Our aim is that children develop into independent global citizens, aware of their great social responsibility. Our team is enthusiastic and engaged; committed to the development of the individual child and the school as a whole. We distinguish ourselves by having teachers who are at the leading-edge of the visual arts, movement and giftedness disciplines. At lunchtime we offer a diverse range of activities that uncover and exercise the children’s talents.


Primary school for the first time

A child can attend primary school from 4 years old. The registering and location allocation procedure is the same for almost all primary schools in Amsterdam. You can find out information about registering in English via this link: https://schoolwijzer.amsterdam.nl/en/po/how-does-it-work
We regularly organise information meetings for parents. If you are interested in attending, please find the dates listed below. The information meetings are from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. In the first 45 minutes, the director shares information about the school and it’s approaches. After, there is an opportunity to discuss and ask questions. You will then be given a tour by the children from the upper years. We also have foreign-language children at school who can give a tour in, for example, English or Spanish.

You can register by sending an email to: administratie@10emeidoorn.nl.

8.45-10 hr Wednesday, September 13 2023
8.45-10 hr Thursday, October 19 2023
9-10.30 hr Thursday, October 19 2023 – English spoken
8.45-10 uur Friday, November 3 2023
8.45-10 uur Wednesday, December 6 2023
8.45-10 hr Friday, January 13 2024
8.45-10 hr Wednesday, February 28 2024
9-10.30 hr Wednesday, February 28 2024 – English spoken
8.45-10 hr Wednesday, April 17 2024
8.45-10 hr Thursday, May 16 2024
8.45-10 hr Friday, May 31 2024
9-10.30 hr Friday, May 2024 – English spoken
8.45-10 hr Friday, June 21 2024